To become an Education Partner:

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Complete the expression of interest form to provide us with your key requirements and details. After reviewing your needs, a specialist member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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We will survey together the needs of your local market in order to decide which qualifications are best suited to you and your students. You will then be invited to complete and submit your Accredited Partner agreement.
movement 3

We work together to prepare and organise all the necessary structure to obtain the state's license (if it is prerequisite)

We will then begin the accreditation process, working through the accreditation checklist to provide the Awarding Body with the necessary information.

movement 4

A member of our LQ Education will arrange a pre accreditation visit to your center to ensure that you are ready to deliver studies & qualifications.


Represantative of Awarding Body/ies and a member of our LQ Education will arrange the final accreditation visit to your center to ensure that you are ready to deliver studies & qualifications. Once you have joined our Accredited Partner Network you will have access to full support and services

In order to become a Qualification Center, an organisation must prove that it can deliver studies & assessments to the highest standards possible. Leaders Qualifications work hard to ensure that Centers receive the necessary support in promoting and administrating the studies portfolio. In order to do this in the most effective way, Leaders Qualifications has established two levels of Center status, so as to reflect the different relationships that can be created with centers:  

Associate Partners

To be qualified for this status, a Center must meet clearly defined accreditation criteria. Associate Partner status is a prerequisite for Centers who offer International Diplomas.

International Partners

Leaders Qualifications awards Partnership status to Organisations with whom it shares a particularly close relationship. 

International Partners will typically work with Leaders Qualifications on the development of Centers Network or play a key role in the administration and distribution of the studies & examinations.

A flexible, affordable solution to the British degree pathway

You can benefit from offering students the opportunity to study the full degree pathway at your center, saving your students money without compromising the quality of their education.

Quality-assured programmes

We believe in providing quality education. That's why we follow strict quality assurance guidelines by ensuring our programmes and qualifications are assessed and approved by government appointed bodies.

When you partner with us you will benefit from a complete education solution. We provide all the support and services you need to make our partnership a true success!


Expression Of Interest

UK Degree
We provide Centers Partners with a complete Education Solution from Foundation to Masters Level

Born out of a British Education initiative, Leaders Qualifications is a global provider of Quality Assured awarding bodies’ British education.

We offer a complete range of qualifications for Professionals, for Employees, for Learners, both from level 1 to level 7 and to the International Degree Journey that takes students from Foundation to Masters Level.



flexible choices for students & centers

We believe that everyone should have access to education, regardless of their personal circumstances.

That's why we have developed our programmes with flexibility in mind, allowing delivery on a full-time or part-time basis. What's more, students receive a qualification and certificate at every stage.

This means that students can complete their studies at their own speed and choose to enter and leave the degree journey at different stages to suit their lifestyle.

We also offer different teaching methods allowing for face-to-face, online or research based delivery

Support Team

You are the sole focus of our Support team. Our dedicated team focuses on supporting you and your students. You will receive support from the outset, as they are on hand to ensure your study center's accreditation process runs smoothly.


When you join us you gain access to an Academic Support Manager with a
wealth of international education experience who is on hand to provide support
and guidance to your study center on all aspects of academic quality.

They can also provide useful practical advice and training on the delivery and
assessment of our courses. In addition, they will support you through the
assessment cycle by liaising with moderators and monitoring the moderation
reports on your behalf.

​Our in-house marketing and design team, provides support and guidance to our worldwide network of Accredited Partner Centers. 
You can contact the marketing team for assistance with:
-Developing your student recruitment strategy
-Creating marketing materials to promote your programmes
-Maximising student recruitment events
-Organising student recognition events such as graduations or award ceremonies
-By working with your Marketing Manager you can have access to a bespoke marketing service, designed specifically to increase your student numbers
Once you are a member of our Accredited Partner Centers network, you will gain access to your own personal Center Services Executive who will support you with the student administration and registration process, ensure smooth administration of the student assessment process and notification of student's results along with accompanying certification

We offer a complete education solution

When you join our worldwide network of Accredited Partner Centers you gain immediate access to our Academic, Marketing and Center Service teams.

We are on hand to help you every step of the way.


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We are Part of your Team