Our syllabi are regularly reviewed to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and embrace the latest technology.
Core materials - a full range of comprehensive materials to support your lecturers and students to produce successful results.
Online systems- bespoke online systems to support both center and your students.
LQ Studies- is our online learning environment which enables both lecturers and students to access all the services and information they need in one location.
LQ Center- is our partner center portal which enables your staff to manage your partnership at the push of a button. Support team- regional office support, Business Development Managers, regional Academic and Customer Service are all on hand to help you every step of the way.
LQ Education offers unrivalled ongoing support for all programmes, greatly reducing both preparation time and development costs, which will enable you to 
run successfully recognised educational programmes to a superior standard

excellent support

launch with the right plan in place

We provide a wide range of materials to assist you in promoting our programmes and recruiting students including; student programme sheets, gifts and promotional posters.
Our marketing team will also assist Partner Centers with promoting our programmes
-qualifications and recruiting students.

Key features which will prove to be invaluable are:
Report facilities - examination pass rates, resit rates and student status.
Registration of new students - allows center to submit examination marks and have access to student details.
Dates and deadlines - all key dates for administering our programmes, including results release dates, activity schedules, appeals deadlines and assessment submission dates.
Assessment information - methods of assessment, moderation reports, latest updates, examinations and guidance.
Accreditation materials - all centers need to monitor existing accreditations and apply for new ones.
Marketing materials - downloadable marketing materials, templates and guidance for center use.
About us - everything
centers need to know about LQ Education staff so you can contact the right person at the right time.

lq education resources

LQ Education as well as Leaders Qualifications resources derive from the Awarding Bodies, material providers, colleges, Quality accreditation providers etc.with which we are in partnership with. It is obvious that all the material, qualifications, progression to universities, are provided by us through our partnerships.
LQ Education provides a complete educational solution to Accredited Partner Centers creating a total and intergrated package administrating our partners' resources.

LQ education is a part of Leaders Qualifications aimed to provide complete solutions in academic and professional qualifications including universities progression pumping from the Leaders Qualifications collaborations.
All the Qualifications are accredited and recognised by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator), are separated in 8 levels and are officially corresponded to European  Qualifications Framework

meet project milestones

a complete education solution / student recruitment

Finish on time and under budget


LQ education offers to partner centers a total & complete package of services:

1) Research to the local market and advice to the partner center in order to choose which qualifications are best suited based on the results of the research
2) Participates and advises the Partner Centers to find the suitable material and the team in order to carry out all the necessary procedure for:
a)   all the necessary structure to obtain the state's license
b)   the accreditation process, working through the accreditation checklist to provide the Partner Center with the necessary information
3)   Chooses the suitable tutors and trains them with a wealth of international educational experience
4)   Offers to Centers through Awarding Bodies more qualifications and specialisations
5) Provides the Partners Centers with continuous support and guidance on:
- Academic Field
- Organization Field
- Provides useful practical advice and training on the delivery and assessment of the courses aimed to encourage and satisfy the student
- Build a strong brand presence and increase the value in the market trying to attract students and professionals
- Proposes resources for tutors and students
6) Affords through “LQ Center” software including general administrative support and clear organizational structure
7) Offers to the Partner Center the distance e-learning “LQ Studies” online platform which is continually up-to-date with teaching procedure and necessary resources
8) Provides all the marketing strategy

9) Creates contact network between Partners and Awarding Bodies affording to the centers all the necessary and useful information
10) Affords useful practical advice and training on the delivery and assessment of the courses. In addition, LQ supports Partner Centers  through the assessment cycle by liaising with moderators and monitoring the moderation offering useful information.

LQ Education
Provides a Complete Educational Solution to Accredited Partner Centers & their Students