Do I need Hospitality experience in order to apply?

No. The mission of the program is to develop a well-rounded hospitality manager who is capable of overseeing a single property or a global brand. 
​The program provides a balance between theory and practice so that you can hit the ground running once you graduate. Our students come from many backgrounds, including current professionals in the hospitality field, business professionals who are interested in moving into the field and hospitality leaders who wish to enhance their skills and marketability, as well as those looking to enter the industry.
Your undergraduate degree can be in any field.
It is our objective to graduate professionals who make the greatest contributions to the hospitality industry and to society all while satisfying their personal goal of a stimulating and rewarding career.​​

Who should apply?

There are many types of individuals who could benefit from the program, including:
Hospitality employees seeking to gain expertise and advance their careers
Hospitality managers who want to learn about new technologies and global opportunities in the field
Entrepreneurs looking for the keys to success in the hospitality business
College graduates interested in entering the hospitality field
The flexible format of the program allows entry-level and mid-career professionals to continue to work full-time as they acquire the skills and degree needed to be effective managers and ethical leaders in the global, multi-billion euro hospitality industry.

for employers

Prepare Your Best Hospitality Employees for Leadership Roles
The hospitality management profession continues to evolve and expand.
Traditional skills and roles are no longer sufficient for global businesses that want to compete in the international marketplace.
The Master’s in Hospitality Management program provides employers with assistance in two ways:
Developing talent-rich students:
We are proud to provide businesses and organizations with access to work-ready students and alumni.
All of our students graduate with proven results from coursework and projects done in tandem with leading hospitality managers and organizations.
Training and staff development:
Training and skills development for your current staff of hospitality professionals is also available.
Your company's professionals can take advantage of our standard educational programs or you can work with us to design a customized training program, including "on-your-campus" instructional options. Unlike other hospitality educational programs, our  curriculum has been developed to give students the practical skills and knowledge they need to become leaders in the hospitality industry and make a positive impact on their organizations today
Hospitality management program prioritizes:
Learning from leading practitioners in the field.
Offering the best-in-class learning environments.
Ensuring, through flexible class schedules and coursework tied to actual workplace challenges, that students strike the right balance between educational and professional demands.
The investment you make in your employees today will pay dividends to your business tomorrow.
The MPS in Hospitality Management prepares students to analyze and overcome the challenges confronting senior hospitality executives in the coming years.
The solid foundations students acquire give them the confidence they need to manage change and drive innovation.
With a seamless blend of theory and practice, Master of Professional Studies in Hospitality Management program, prepares students to be leaders in the dynamic, and increasingly global, hospitality industry. Graduates will be well versed in foundational principles, current best practices and ethical considerations for disciplines including, but not limited to:
Travel and Tourism
Restaurants and Foodservice
Event Planning

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a practicum as part of their course of study, gaining invaluable experience while working with some of the best-known names in the industry.
Program Length
For the convenience of working professionals, most courses are scheduled in the evening
to accommodate part-time students. Part-time students are encouraged to average two courses per semester, graduating in approximately 24 months over six continuous semesters.
Full-time students are able to graduate in 16 months over four continuous semesters.
Global Opportunities

The hospitality management program, prepares students to manage operations and bring innovations to both domestic and international hospitality organizations.
Students can also take other courses focusing on global issues, such as international labor relations and employment law, to gain a broad understanding of the worldwide hospitality industry.
Industry Connections
The hospitality management program will partner with leading hospitality organizations to provide students with internship and career opportunities.
Whether students are interested in accommodations, food service, event planning or tourism, they will be exposed to the best in the business as they earn course credit through hands-on practice.
These professional experiences help students apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real-world workplace.
Practice-Oriented Curriculum
The master’s in hospitality management program provides students with a holistic overview of the challenges facing hospitality organizations around the world while also giving them the practical skills needed to tackle those challenges.
Through an applied, practice-oriented curriculum, students will gain field experience, build a trusted professional network and uncover the secrets to management success in the robust, fast-paced hospitality industry.
The program’s curriculum allows students to focus on core competencies including running an operation, managing a staff and building a brand.
Ours rigorous curriculum prepares students to step into any leadership role in the hospitality industry, from local entrepreneur to senior executive of a global company.Students completing the MPS in Hospitality Management will gain expertise in the areas of operations, finance, marketing, sales, and human capital management, providing them with the skills they need to advance their careers to the next level.
Learning Goals
Students enrolled in the MPS in Hospitality Management program will:
Explore the core values endemic to the hospitality industry as well as ethical issues that may arise
Understand how to manage complex, global networks of assets and the day-to-day operations of a hospitality organization
Learn hands-on finance and accounting skills that advance business interests
Discover how economics, current events, international affairs and the law intersect with the hospitality industry
Find out how to use integrated marketing communications and digital media to promote an organization’s brand and interact with its customers
Analyze business problems to better formulate strategies, business plans and organizational policies
The hospitality industry is unique in that it grounded at the intersection of lodging, travel, and tourism and real estate, finance, and development.
Like many other global industries, it is tied to trends and events shaping the global economy, such as international affairs and consumer outlook.
However, recent years have seen the hospitality industry continually innovating and pushing boundaries, as evidenced by the companies currently turning space lodging and undersea restaurants from dream into reality.
Employees working in the hospitality industry must be savvy, service-oriented professionals as well as expert operations managers with a holistic understanding of how their brand interfaces with the global marketplace.
With large workforces, numerous locations and vast and varied consumer populations, it is vital that leaders master the core management areas of operations, finance, marketing and communications within the specific context of the hospitality industry.
A blend of product- and service-based offerings, hospitality presents unique challenges:
Large companies within the industry have vast networks of locations, staff and services that span the globe.
The scope and complexity of these operations require professionals to create effective and sustainable strategies to market and manage diverse services. Smaller hospitality companies and entrepreneurs must cope with high consumer expectations and build brand recognition while overseeing day-to-day operations and strategic planning.


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explore the core values

The Multifaceted, Profitable World of Hospitality Management
Comprised of diverse offerings – including traveler accommodations (hotels), travel arrangements, food services and special events – hospitality is a multi-billion euro, global industry with an optimistic growth outlook, a large population of professionals and a relatively high demand for degrees. 

ensuring the right balance educational &


Learning from leading practitioners in the field

Offering the best-in-class learning environments

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Master of professional studies in hospitality management