Professional Qualifications Pathways:
-Designed to provide pathways to employment 
-Providing an alternative route to university
-Allowing you to bridge the gap between school and university, preparing you for a higher level of study

-Providing a flexible and affordable way to achieve qualifications through defined progression routes Learner and Employer Focused

-They are designed to meet your own needs and the needs of your employers.

-Accessible - you choose how to study.

-Flexible qualifications can be built using unit combinations, to suit your personal circumstances, interests and skills. Where qualifications share units the credits can be carried forward. This means if you want to go onto a higher level qualification, progression is built in. 


We want to see you succeed and help you develop, so individual units may be accredited if you do not achieve a full qualification.

-We ensure that we deliver the right provision and learning environment whilst also ensuring that you gain the skills you will need to get a job, progress and develop your career.


Ideal for students seeking entry to Year 2 of a UK undergraduate honour degree;
Diploma programmes are equivalent to year 1 of a three-year UK honours degree.


A progression from the advanced diploma level qualifications, aimed at students with previous experience, who are seeking progression to the final year of a uk undergraduate honours degree.

The advanced diploma programmes are equivalent to year 2 of a three-year uk honours degree.


Degree programmes are awarded by respected UK universities with which recognise our Qualifications.

Students are eligible to apply for direct entry onto degree programmes following the successful completion of the Advanced Diploma programmes.


Postgraduate and Master's level programmes are designed for candidates seeking further HE level study or for those pursuing senior management posts. Our range of postgraduate and master's level programmes are equivalent to HE level H (Honours) through to Level M (Master's) Levels 6 and 7, and each master's level programme is awarded by a UK university.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) enables us to formally acknowledge your skills and knowledge acquired outside of the formal education and training system.
This includes competencies you may have gained through:
- Previous study, including courses at school, through adult education classes or training programs at work
-Work experience, including both work that is paid and unpaid
-Life experience, such as leisure pursuits or voluntary work

Combine Professional Qualifications with Academic Study
-Modern Apprenticeships give anyone over the age of 16 the opportunity to work in a paid job while undertaking workplace training in order to gain new and enhanced skills and recognised qualifications.
​They are an exciting way of gaining skills and qualifications that will help to start a career without having to study full-time, and are available across a wide range of industries.
-Offer the chance to develop expertise and knowledge through on-the-job assessment, as well as gaining vital skills such as teamwork and problem solving
All the Modern Apprenticeship frameworks are developed by the industry or sector in which they will be implemented and cover all the skills you require to become a Professional. 

Recognition of  Prior Learning & Experience Qualifications
Learning & ExperienceLearning & ExperienceRecognition of prior learning and experience
Recognition of prior learning and experience

A comprehensive portfolio of academic programmes, which are designed to meet the career needs of students from foundation through to master's level.


Foundation programmes are designed to meet the needs of students looking to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge needed for further study via the Education Degree Journey, or enhance their skills within the workplace and increase their career prospects. The Education portfolio of foundation level programmes has been designed to enable students to gain access to various undergraduate degrees at universities around the world.

Progression to Universities
Continuing Development Qualifications
Even if you are lucky enough to get your dream job after leaving full-time education don’t let your journey stop there.
Continuing Professional Development can help improve your career prospects and boost your earning potential.
Our accredited studies for career and professional development are developed with guidance and expertise from professional and employer bodies and organisations.
These can:
-Delivered part-time to allow you to combine your studies with work or family commitments
-Offered in the evening to help give your career a real boost without taking a career break
-Lead to membership of international professional bodies which is often beneficial to career development
Work-Based Qualifications

Work-based qualifications enable you to fit study around work and earn whilst you learn

These are designed for people wanting to work in a particular industry.

They allow you to achieve valuable qualifications at the same time as gaining relevant, practical experience in real work situations.

These are qualifications that you earn while in work and are designed to help you in your career. 
The standards for these qualifications are set by industry and are available at five levels from foundation training to senior management development typically achieved in the workplace.
You can choose the level and length of qualification that suits you, from a short award to an in-depth diploma.
Leaders Qualifications in collaboration with Awarding Bodies, regulated by the British Goverment, offers a wide portfolio of Qualifications based on British Education which covers all the professions and specialisations. 
The Qualifications are separated in 8 levels and are officialy corresponded to both British and European Framework.

Modern Apprenticeships Qualifications
Qualifications Main Categories

Leaders Qualifications is a leading UK Qualifications Provider offering:

1) Qualified Professional studies for students
2) Certificates & Diplomas for Professionals
3) Job Skills Qualifications for business people
4) Professional training Qualifications for unemployed
5) Qualifications for progression to Universities, providing internationally assessments, Certifications and Diplomas through recognised British Awarding Bodies. 


professional qualifications


LQ Qualifications
Your Qualifications, 
Your Skills, Your Future
Whether you are still at school, taking your first job, or a qualified professional moving into management or making a career change, you will find a qualification that fulfills your aspirations, develops your skills and will take you where you want to go. 
​All Qualifications are approved by Ofqual, and registered on the UK's Qualifications Framework. Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, exams and tests in England.
Ofqual's work ensures that learners get the results they deserve and that the qualifications they receive count, both now and in the future.