Quality Brand Award

2. Quality Brand Certificate

Quality Brand Diploma

It is a process of qualitative assessment which enables and supports professionals, employees, companies and organisations to measure and prove their achievements and their professional or business value to their clients and society.

It is awarded to persons, companies and organisations as an acknowledgement of their commitment to quality, as an appraisal of their operational quality, their commitment to develop qualitative control and their integration of results to their professional or corporate value in combination with their contribution and support to the expansion of a wider social value in their area of operations.

3. Quality Brand Diploma

• Local and Regional Authorities

• Public Sector

• Companies, Industries, Craft enterprises

• Self - employed persons

• Tourism and hotel enterprises

• Dining and Entertainment enterprises

• Shops and Commercial Networks

• Services providing enterprises

Quality Brand is a certification of great value as its quality criteria ensure widespread recognition, in
order to:

a) Gradually minimise any mistakes which influence the entirety of professionals and businesses.

b) To improve the current operations with a positive response both for the sector itself and the
community in general.

c) To establish methods of communication and direct cooperation with the local official body to meet and
resolve needs.

d) To support and promote professional and business operations on both local and international level with a common higher status identity.

Quality Brand is a quality certificate, but mostly is an assurance of constant success for the professional, the enterprise and the community.

Level 1 Prognosis

It is provided as a result that the certified body accepts a series of quality criteria and undertakes the task of adopting and applying them in order to be re-evaluated in 12 months in parallel with the submission of a social value report.


The necessity for a QUALITY BRAND certification

• Develops and facilitates foreign market penetration

• Attracts buyers from around the world

• Proves the high quality of services to all associates (clients, suppliers, partners)

• Forms a strong competitive advantage

• It is part of the communication policy and advertising

• Ensures the quality of customer services, the commitment of employees towards the company and increases efficiency.

• Creates a steadily developing quality status within the market.

• Ensures collective cooperation

• Creates a common direction of specific goals

• Cooperates with the local administration for the development of entrepreneurship in the area.

• Promotes economies of scale through attending exhibitions and events, locally and internationally, under a common Brand.

• Ensures operational principles and operational ethics.

• Actively contributes to the development of a greater market share

• Creates new job opportunities• Promotes training for the improvement of the level of employees’ services leading to the development of skills and capabilities

To whom QUALITY BRAND is addressed:

Level 3 Cooperation

It is provided as the result of the evaluation of a complete operational method which acknowledges that the certified body as a professional or a business or an organisation has been verified that they implement the quality criteria to all their operations and that they have adopted and implemented the social value report.

1. Quality Brand Award

Quality Brand Certificate

What the QUALITY BRAND label is about

• Local and Regional Authorities

The certified professionals, companies, and organisations are part of a single framework of a development policy based on quality strategy acting individually and as a unit with a direct cooperation with the local community, under the scope of the official local bodies.

The development of multiple international partnerships and the creation of increased business and social value through the validity of the Quality Brand’s single identity and trademark becomes much easier.

The quality certificate QUALITY BRAND is an evaluation process which consists of 3 levels.

Benefits of the QUALITY BRAND certification

Level 2 Measurement

It is provided as the result of the evaluation which
acknowledges that a certified body operates according to the quality criteria and has drafted an impartial report of social value for part or the whole of its operation.

Economic Value of the QUALITY BRAND