The Leaders Qualifications Organisation is the fastest growing certifier of professional skills and quality in the provision of services globally

It is a three-stage developing process which encourages, confirms, ensures and improves the quality of service provision through awarding the employee with one of the 3 certificates. 

Each certificate verifies that the employee’s services fulfill the criteria conferred upon the certificate.

Promotes organisations and companies as quality approved agencies

About us 

• Confirms to both clients and suppliers that all
employees’ skills have been assessed through a
recognized quality standard.

• The employees’ skills are being improved continuously and especially at critical stages of work where they are carried out in the best possible way.

• Constant improvement leads to precise results.

• Creates higher returns on the investment per
employee by providing higher level services.

• Secures the results of corporate training and
ensures the employees’ appreciation of training.

• Focuses employees’ attention on the corporate goals

• Maximizes the perception of the employees’
development through the process of certification and relevant professional qualifications.

Advantages for the employer rofessional Qlifications


Our Mission: We constantly and conscientiously work to achieve the following:

We offer the certification of work quality to ensure that it is appropriate for the purpose it serves, it
has a substantial impact and it is carried out with integrity.

This is carried out through a number of quality assurance schemes, such as:

• Comprehensive and strict criteria and procedures for the approval of organizations with the Quality Mark label in order to provide objective proof and trust in the development, delivery, and evaluation of the label.

• By monitoring quality assurance systems which are used by approved organizations.

• Through training of quality inspectors and the supervision of their progress, by answering questions about the content, the evaluation and the quality assurance of professionals and enterprises’ work.

1. Commitment to quality

2. Quality checks

3. Quality assurance and development

• It provides recognized quality accreditation to both
companies and employees.

• It promotes equal access and equal opportunities to the employees.

• It ensures the employees’ commitment to excellence and confirms that the company’s employees have
acquired the appropriate skills.

It maximizes the results of work

Provides the employees with a qualified certificate


Basic characteristics and advantages of the Quality Mark 

The Quality Mark is a process of three stages:

• To enable individuals worldwide to transform positively their life by offering recognition and accreditation to the quality of their work, which results in the creation of a favorable environment in which more and better outcomes are delivered.

• With knowledge and confidence, we create objective and friendly certifications for professionals and enterprises which we accredit after fair and equitable evaluation.

• We cooperate with governments, companies,  and professionals to achieve their goals and to maximize the results of their work.

• We shall never quit striving to better
ourselves as well as the others.

Why Certify?

• Valid certification of their skills.

• A portfolio of recognized certificates and ad hoc
recognition of the value of the services they provide and their knowledge of a particular field.

• The role and significance of recognized skills as an investment for the employee and greater recognition within the company.

• Career paths can be clearly identified in order to achieve a greater understanding of the employees’

• Contributing to the workplace and the organization as a person of certified skills, promotes willpower and greater efficiency.

Advantages for the employee