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Benefits of Quality Mark certifications

Operational Excellence through Personal Effectiveness Necessity of certificates

• It is the ‘passport’ into the job market

• It offers a clear competitive advantage

• It provides a comparative advantage versus competitors

• It is a prominent prerequisite when pursuing high level/senior employment positions

• It encourages the development of essential skills and abilities

• It promotes business principles

• It promotes business ethics

• It contributes to professional development

• It ensures equality in business access

The Quality Mark and Quality Brand Certificates address:

• Companies, Industries.

• Commercial Networks.

• Local and Regional government.

• Trade Unions. 

• Broad public sector. 

• Educational organizations

Quality Mark and Quality Brand: Quality Certificates

for Excellent Service & Customer Satisfaction

We motivate and enable leaders to develop pragmatic mindsets that stimulate change and lead to sustainable personal and business profit. 

We are united in our desire to encourage and support our continuous personal and professional growth. Through this, we attract exceptional talent for the benefits of our partners and the Leaders Qualifications community.

We partner with leading decision makers who strive to achieve personal and business excellence through serious investment in themselves and their people.

By acting with integrity, transparency and out-of-the-box thinking, we strive to build Reliable partnerships. These are the cornerstones of our interaction with our clients and each other.

Leaders Qualifications is a specialized organization that provides Professional and Business internationally recognized Qualifications for employees and business executives in collaboration with Governments Boards, Trade Associations Companies and Organizations. The Leaders Qualification Organization has been headed up by John Iliades since 1981.

John Iliades has extensive experience in the Business and Education sector. He is the founder of the biggest language school network in Greece and also President of the Greek Franchise Association and one of the 5 executive board members of the world franchise council in the USA.

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, Leaders Qualifications deliver integrated services offering a wide range of professional certificates.
We cooperate with Governments, companies, organizations, Universities, and Chambers worldwide.

Our core solutions are designed specifically and aligned strategically to focus and drive the development of leadership in all its aspects throughout your organization. Each of these solutions is mission critical in organizations which strive to transform human potential into aligned performance

Certificates are the only evidence of the knowledge (especially regarding levels) for professionals and business
people. In the last decade, the European Union is being directed to validating certificates for all sectors and professions. The professionals need to be certified in order to pursue a career. Employees need certificates for their CV’s as a valid and recognized evidence of their existing knowledge. Companies with certified employees can ensure a uniform quality of work performance and communication.

The Quality Mark and Quality Brand certificates are unique professional and business qualifications for
knowledge and skills. In attaining the Quality Mark certification or/and Quality Brand, you ensure your business has unique
features, advantages, and benefits which will set you aside from your competitors within the global marketplace. 

Through our extensive experience internationally, our existing portfolio of Quality Mark/Quality Brand certifications already cover a wide range of vocational skills. Attaining additional Leaders Qualifications awards will allow your organization to tailor Quality Mark/Quality Brand certifcations that are specific to your industry and therefore bespoke to the required skill set of your organization.   

Our unique Quality Mark/Quality Brand accreditation is a symbol of quality and knowledge, providing your organization with a genuine international market advantage, by tailoring the qualifications to specifically fit the needs of your business.  

We trust you find the above information of use, we hope that you do not object to one of our representatives contacting you over the next few days to discuss your feedback and hopefully set up a mutually convenient appointment to fully discuss how our unique product can truly benefit your organization

Warmest Regards,
John Iliades

Leaders Qualifications partnership:

Engaging people to produce their best, driving appropriate and relevant change and creating extraordinary results are the benchmarks of Leaders Qualifications quality solutions

We believe that Quality is everything to the success of your organization
Quality Mark and Quality Brand:
Quality Certificates for Excellent Service & Customer Satisfaction
Quality Mark and Brand are targeted directly at consumers of everyday goods and services and present an opportunity to boost your reputation among the general public.
Through on-site audits, we perform validation and certification of quality services and management systems.
Quality Brand can be used on websites, in brochures, on products, and on infrastructure: it is a flexible andvisually attractive label suitable for promotional purposes. As such, they can easily be integrated in the marketing and branding strategy of your organization.


Benefits of Quality Brand certifications

• Status improvement

• Clear differentiation from the competition

• Comparative advantage in growth of clientele

• Enhanced capability of attracting new clients and

increase revenues

• Creation of new revenue from existing clientele and spiraling of profitability

Quality Mark: Quality Service

It is the extent to which the services of an organization correspond with the expectations of clients.

During the past few decades, service quality has become a major area of attention to managers and researchers,
owing to its strong impact on business performance, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability.

For an organization to gain competitive advantages, it must gather information on market demands and compare it with other organizations, for the purpose of enhancing service quality.

Quality Brand: Verified Customer Satisfaction

For organizations which seek to achieve the best possible customer:
• Verified Customer Satisfaction ensures that a customer satisfaction system is operational.
• Control methods to monitor the satisfaction of customers. 

The goal of the Global Conformance program is to increase trust between organizations, companies, and customers. By awarding the Quality Mark to professionals and employees and by Quality Brand to high - quality
services and high-quality companies

Leaders Qualifications in Partnership with you stimulates reliability and security in specific industries and services

We share this goal with a wide range of Governmental authorities’ industry-specific associations, Universities, consultancy firms, and freelance evaluators - many of which have been striving for increased quality and security for decades. Leaders Qualifications is currently looking for partners to take quality to the next level.

Do you or your organization share our ambition to increase trust? We are looking for partners such as
Associations, Federations, Universities, B2B service providers and auditors as well as inspectors/verifiers.

By working together, Leaders Qualifications can develop the criteria for quality in close collaboration with your organization. We deliver the know-how to design and implement standards for quality service, safety, sustainability and hygiene in industries and the hotel sector.