SPORTS & ACTIVITIES qualifications

Certificate In:

Active Leisure, Learning and Wellbeing Operational Services
Active, Healthy Living
Activity Leadership
Adapting Exercise for Older Adults
Advanced Exercise to Music
Hot and Cold Techniques in Sport and Active Leisure
Assisting Health Related Activity Sessions
Assisting Mountain Bike Activity Leadership
Bike Building at Evans Cycles
Conversion of Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status
Designing Physical Activity Programmes for Older Adults
Designing Physical Activity Programmes for People with Disabilities
Exercise,Health and Fitness Studies
Fitness Instructing
Interactive Gym Instructor
Lifestyle Management
Managing Finance in Own Area of Responsibility
Nutrition for Physical Activity
Obtaining Additional Finance for the Organisation
Personal Training and Business Planning / Preparation for Event Volunteering
Preventing Injuries in Sport and Active Leisure
Taping and Strapping for Sport and Active Leisure
Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events  


LQ Education
Provides a Complete Educational Solution to Accredited Partner Centers /Students / Learners / Unemployments / Professionals