Discover what makes a five star ”A to Z” Qualified hotel

True  Luxury…

True luxury is exceptional by definition. Although many vacation premises aspire for luxury, only an exclusive circle of hospitality manages to fulfil the premium standards of luxury and opulence.

Their secret? A passion for perfection in every single detail.

  • Location
  • Room View
  • Luxury Rooms
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Parking Spaces
  • WiFi
  • Concierge
  • Staff
  • Spa
  • Fitness
  • Conference Halls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Beauty Center
  • Activities
  • Amenities
  • Prices

The Quality Brand ”A to Z Luxury Hotel” singles out hotels & Vacation Properties that Deliver Authentic Luxury

In order to obtain the Quality Brand ”A to Z Luxury Hotel”, hotels must meet a set of requirements, as specified in the Quality Brand Standards

DURING an on-site assessment, a qualified auditor verifies whether the operational processes enable the hotel to deliver a unique sense of luxury at every time and for every guest

Through an in-depth analysis of all day-to-day procedures, the auditor confirms that the highest standards of excellence are being met, and points out potential for further streamlining


Assessment Criteria

Great Services

24th Valet-Service, room service & reception

Multilingual service

Surveys & retention analysis

Complaint management

Professional Staff

Required skills & qualifications defined

Internal training

Regular evaluation

Defined responsibilities, aligned with operational processes

Luxury Rooms

Beyond 5 star standard

State of the art equipment

High-speed internet access

Documented maintenance schedules and procedures

Сonference Hall

Quality Restaurant

Spa Сenter

The Quality Brand


-Ads value through audits at the hotel premises
-sends a clear message towards hotel guests and the public
-are based upon three decades of experience with hospitality standards and regulations
-Exclusive quality label for a selected circle of world-class hotels
-After a successful on-site assessment, you may use the Luxury Hotel label and certificate for marketing purposes
-The label and certificates are issued by Leaders Qualifications
-Based on the internationally recognized Quality Management Standard ISO 9001