The Leaders Qualifications suite of qualifications targets employees, students, businesses and professionals that wish to remain competitive in the demanding marketplace as well as seeking to arm themselves with valuable knowledge and a recognized qualification.

The qualifications are recognized worldwide, falls in line with international training and employment standards, and has been designed according to marketplace demands in order to:
• meet all the needs of a modern-day enterprise;
• focus on topics applicable to all business activity;
• work at different levels in order to correspond to candidates’ different needs;
• offer a competitive edge to qualification-holders so they can successfully meet the demands of a constantly changing workplace;
• encourage more specialized training.
Τhe suite of qualifications does not require lengthy preparation while it offers the skills necessary to an employee of a modern-day enterprise.
With 4 to 10 hours’ training, simple and friendly exam procedures, and flexible exam scheduling, candidates can sit these internationally-recognized exams.

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