WHY franchise

The franchise business is very complex and has many peculiarities. Thus,  FRANCHISE network needs to be always qualified!

Qualifications for the Franchise Business

The Quality Brand certificates are unique professional and business qualifications for knowledge and skills. In attaining the Quality Brand certification, you ensure your business has unique features, advantages and benefits which will set you aside from your competitors within the global marketplace.

Attaining additional Leaders Qualifications awards will allow your organization to tailor Quality Brand certifications that are specific to your industry and therefore bespoke to the required skill set of your organization.

  • Quality Check in applying the franchisor’s system of operation
  • Quality Check in merchandising in a franchise network
  • Quality Check in monitoring the franchise standards
  • Quality Check in solving problems in franchise networks
  • Quality Inspect in supervising staff in franchise networks
  • Quality Inspect in recruiting employees for the franchise network
  • Quality Inspect in developing the franchising manuals
  • Quality Assurance in applying the rules and policies of franchise agreement
  • Quality Assurance in the use of internal IT programs in the franchise network
  • Quality Assurance in setting up the franchise business
  • Quality Assurance in identifying new potential franchisees

franchise QUALIFIED

  • What is more, the high quality of your personnel is an attracting factor for new potential franchisees; it is an evidence of the support and guidance that you will provide them.
  • In addition, your employees & franchisees will be more motivated to actively participate in the training seminars since they will receive recognised certificates.
  • The certificates delivered to the successful learners may also bear your logo and brand name, if you wish to.In addition, your people have increased credibility to support any future work placement within your franchise business.
By working together, Leaders Qualifications can develop the criteria for quality in close collaboration with your company.
We deliver the know-how to design and implement standards for quality service, safety, sustainability and hygiene in industries.
Leaders Qualifications operates across the globe, and welcomes applications from any region.
We partner with leading decision makers who strive to achieve personal and business excellence through serious investment in themselves and their people. by acting with integrity, transparency and out-of-the-box thinking, we strive to build reliable partnerships.


We have accredited short and medium training programmes of a wide range of franchise networks spanning from the education to the retail sector, giving them the opportunity to gain formal recognition from a national awarding organisation.

The accreditation of your training programmes gives credibility for your company to external audiences acknowledging that all your employees are qualified to a recognised standard.

By these means you can assure that all your branches offer products and services of the same quality resulting to a concrete brand image.