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Quality Mark!

  • Educational organizations
  • Companies, Industries.
  • Commercial Networks.
  • Local and Regional government.
  • Trade Unions.
  • Broad public sector.

It is the extent to which the services of an organization correspond with the expectations of clients.

During the past few decades, service quality has become a major area of attention to managers and researchers, owing to its strong impact on business performance, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability.

For an organization to gain competitive advantages, it must gather information on market demands and compare it with other organizations, for the purpose of enhancing service quality.



It is the ‘passport’ into the job market

It offers a clear competitive advantage

It plays a catalyst role in pursuing high level/ senior employment positions

It encourages the development of essential skills and abilities

It promotes business principles

It promotes business ethics

It contributes to professional development

It ensures equality in business access

We work hard to:
  • enable people across borders to

transform their lives by offering awards globally as well as in environments where people succeed against the odds

  • energetically and confidently

create enterprising awards which are developed with rigour and empathy with the learner and assessed fairly and justly

  • work collaboratively

with our partners to achieve our goals and enable others to achieve theirs

  • demonstrate our commitment to

working together to build a progressive examination community founded on equality of opportunity, and which celebrates the rich diversity of our candidates and staff

  • never stop striving to

better ourselves as well as others

Quality Mark for Education

The Quality Mark is a 3-stage process

Quality Check
Quality Inspect
Quality Assure

Quality Check

This standard is used to accredit short training courses at which learners are awarded a certificate of attendance.  No formal assessment is carried out


Quality Inspect

This standard is used to accredit short training courses at which learners complete a short assessment based on the knowledge and understanding they have gained during the course.  The assessment is formal but tests only factual knowledge via a multiple choice or online test. 


Quality Assure

This standard is used to accredit short/medium length training courses which learners are set clear learning objectives and assessment criteria and assessment is carried out via qualified assessors to set standards. 

– Provides a recognised Mark of Quality to Educational Organisations and Corporation
– Gives Learners a Recognised Certificate
– Promotes Educational & Training Organisations as Quality Learning Corporations
1. Assurance that the training organisation is well managed and run
• Evidence would include company registration, organisation charts, descriptions of key staff, successful training run in the past etc
2. Equal opportunities are being addressed
• Evidence would include an Equal statement, evidence that learners were given advice on attending training best suited to their needs
3. Training is delivered by appropriately qualified staff
• Evidence would include delivery staff CVs, pen portraits of deliverers and appropriate qualifications/experience
4. High levels of completion, retention
• Evidence would include details of past training events, feedback from customers, learners
5. Clear objectives/outcomes set for the course
• Evidence would include a course description, learning outcomes/objectives
6. Conducts reviews of the programs regularly
• Evidence would include annual reviews/reports, feedback from learners, clients, companies
7. Clear learning program/curriculum in place
• Evidence would include detailed course description/curriculum/syllabus
8. Staff have appropriate experience in assessment
• Evidence could include Job Descriptions, person specifications or biographies of assessors, appropriate qualifications and experience, details of training/development offered
9. Assessment administration is managed effectively
• Evidence could include administration systems for registering learners and tracking progress, suitable facilities for assessment to take place, suitable numbers of invigilators, instructions to learners
10.Security and confidentiality is maintained
• Evidence could include checking authenticity of candidates, secure PC/software for online testing, storage of confidential materials, the confidentiality of staff
11.Confidential data is transmitted securely
• Evidence could include the ability to transfer data to the Awarding Body regarding learner achievements
12. Quality Assurance processes are in place and carried out regularly
• Evidence could include organisation and management of activities, lines of responsibility and accountability, evidence of standardisation activities (minutes, meeting notes etc) evidence of monitoring of standards
13. Learner progress is tracked and progression opportunities are promoted
• Evidence could include data management systems for tracking progress, advice and guidance on progression, a clear rationale for course linked to progression opportunities
14. The course has clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria
• Evidence could include a course syllabus with clear Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria, assessment guidance

Registering for Quality Mark


To register for Quality Mark, please see our website to download an application form.

Your application will be checked by our Quality Mark team who will be in contact with you regarding your application as soon as the checks are completed.

Once approved to offer Quality Mark courses you will be contacted by one of our Quality Mark representatives who will arrange to visit your organisation to carry out an on-site inspection